CMMi Implementation and Process Definition Consulting.


The CMMi-DEV  model  provides  guidance  for  applying  CMMi  best  practices  in  a development organization. Best practices in the model focus on activities for developing quality products and services to meet the needs of customers and end users.

The  CMMi-DEV,  V1.3  model  is  a  collection  of  development  best  practices  from government  and  industry  that  is  generated  from  the  CMMi  Architecture  and Framework. CMMi-DEV is based on the CMMi Model Foundation or CMF and incorporates work by development organizations to adapt CMMi for use in the development of products and services.

Continuous representation to be equivalent to maturity levels 2 to 3. Each shaded area in the capability level columns represents a target profile that is equivalent to a maturity level.

CMMi - Dev

Initiation and CMMi Implementation Planning.

1.Software development team of the client and SS Consulting shall define boundaries scope suitable to business needs.Scope initial draft
2.In an initiation meeting both the teams shall sign off the schedule with planned Milestones and Sign off with date of major intervention steps and commitment declare commitment to CMMi Implementation.Planning of major
3.Agreed schedule shall be shared with all stake holders to the CMMi-holders Dev project.Communication to stake
4.Creation of information sharing platform Gap Analysis and Awareness Training.Common platform for CMMi

Gap Analysis and Awareness Training for CMMi Implementation.

1.Taking stock of existing templates/formats for all process areas of CMMi.Initial
2.Creating initial draft SOPs for all Process areas.
3.Ensuring 18 process area templates/formats are made live with current projects at hand.Training Effectiveness
4.Training on CMMi Implementation requirements of SEI CMMi Development Model and Relevance of its Implementation to the Organization.Gap Analysis Report
5Gap Analysis of the existing Management System with reference to the requirements of CMMi implementation planning.Training PPT
6Process area Training requirements and scheduling trainings.

Process Improvement and Deployment.

1.Enhancements required in Process Documents.Gap analysis
2.Define new policy, procedure, flows and templates.Documents
3.Review of the upgraded processes to ensure completeness, consistency and compliance to CMMi requirements.Review Comments
4.Process Implementation support.Hand holding.
5.Process audit Training.Training Material
6.1st round of Audits / check point reviews and feedback.Audit observations

Introduction to CMMi-Dev Training and Process Reviews.

1.CMMi Institute Authorized Introduction to CMMi-Dev.Training PPT
2.Process area wise training.Training Handouts
3.2nd round of Audits / Check point reviews and feedback.Audit observations
4.Implement and institutionalize.Hand Holding


1.Pre-appraisal- Scope validation.Pre-Appraisal Approach
2.Pre-Appraisal (SCAMPI B or C).Pre- Appraisal Report
3.Closure of gaps and reporting.Closure report
4.Ensuring State of readiness for SCAMPI A.Readiness state

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